Support for Animal and Human Well-Being in Stafford, VA

Helping humans and animals connect and communicate on a non-verbal level.

Iron Ponytail Farm offers fun animal husbandry instruction in Stafford, VA with a primary focus on equestrian learning tailored to both child and adult students from beginner to intermediate and helping animals in transition. 

- Care and riding lessons dedicated to practical and effective skills focused on consistency.

- Relationship development based on mutual respect and non verbal communication skills. 

- Confidence building both on the ground and while mounted. 

- Short term equine rehabilitation and rescue support.

Services include:

- Equine Facilitated Learning

- Animal Care Lessons

- Horseback Riding Lessons

- Pony Rides

- Farm Management & Development Consultation

- Small and Large Group Learning Events

- Equestrian Parties

- Private Group Training

- Temporary Equine Rehabilitation/Rescue Support


As animal lovers, our mission is to offer an opportunity for people who would like to learn about small farm operation and maintenance and/or just spend time with a variety of animals in a safe and controlled environment.  Our approach is unique from other establishments in that we focus on teaching clients and students how to care for and properly handle the animals in addition to introducing riding in a basic and easy to understand environment tailored to each individual.  Our hope is that we can provide down to earth, practical application and mentoring to a wide variety of people who want to learn how to connect to not only the animals, but to the best version of themselves as human beings. 

We also have a special goal of helping our military, first responders, and children to find a unique outlet to express themselves in a positive way  or gain exposure to animals that they may not otherwise have access in a safe and affordable manner through our animal husbandry instruction.

Our Team

Ms. Navairre Mazzeo


Quintana Roo 
Equine Partner

Mr. Terry Ritchie

Volunteer Operations Coordinator


Herd Mgmt Partner

Sal's Sis
Equine Partner

Ms. Baylee B.

Working Student

Luna and Sina

Barn Security & Herd Mgmt


Rodent Control



Beginner lesson working on balance. 

(Clark and Roo)


Intermediate lesson working on position and lightness. 

(Brianna and Sal)


Beginner lesson working on confidence.

(Roane and Roo)


Time alone to get to know one another better. 

(Baylee and Frosty)


The best 3rd birthday lesson ever!! 

(Cassidy and Roo w/Navairre, and Terry)

Beginner Lesson - Ground Work

(Baylee and Sal)

Anything you can do, I can do better!

(Me and my Sal)

Beginner Lesson - Grooming

(Delaney and Sal)


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